Forth Worth, Texas, January 31, 2020 (MarketNewsFirst) — The annual Forte Awards, held by the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce, was a lively event yesterday. Gathering a group of highly motivated successful business operators in a single venue to recognize excellence is sure to be fun. However, this year’s award ceremony was as well organized as the Emmys, transforming the evening into an amazing time for all who attended. This year’s Forte Awards’ candidates and recipients were honored like Hollywood elite and deservedly so. 

Every person at the event represents an often-under-appreciated class of people in the community: The Growth Class. It was a celebrity attended event for business owners that are the vanguard of Fort Worth’s economic growth and stability. The Forte Awards celebrates the people leading these businesses and by the showing of the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce, Fort Worth is very well organized under its present leadership, which is sure to attract businesses eager to find a supportive growth environment for their enterprise and families who support them. 

Pulling up to The Forte Awards 2020, held at the Ashton Depot in downtown Fort Worth, was seamless with two lanes busy with valets who led Fort Worth’s growth agents onto a red carpet, brightly lit by cameras from local press. Attendees were excited to be there with most giving quick interviews to Market News First by MN1, as they arrived onto the red carpet. Many of the attendees were candidates for the prestigious award given by the Chamber of Commerce Forte committee for outstanding contribution to the city of Fort Worth. The running sentiment by each candidate was that most were convinced they could win. Rightly so as the competition was fierce and the awards, by category, were proudly given and received by the most competitive people by nature, outside of sports. When the red-carpet host, Sterling Hunter, a popular Chamber Ambassador, asked each of the candidates who they hoped would win, most said “Me, of course!”. 

Arrivals stepped off the red carpet and were warmly greeted into the hall at Ashton Depot by Chamber staff and ambassadors who received them into the vibrant room during the cocktail hour. Familiar faces, cocktails and delicious hors d’oeuvres, that seemed to be floating conveniently everywhere, spurred conversation that rose to high din, then driven into deep enjoyment by the perfect melodic tempo managed by DJ Dawn. Many new connections were made, and old acquaintances stoked, during the event as the cocktail hour drew towards the award ceremony. 

The award ceremony began with nervous excitement to find out who the winners would be and although only three ultimate winners of this year’s Forte Award could be chosen, all were cheerful and supportive of the three recipients. The recipients were chosen on Criteria of 1) Business Growth and Performance; 2) Sound Business Strategies and Practices; 3) Customer Service Strategies; 4) Business Challenges; 5) Unique and Innovative Approaches, and 6) Community Involvement.

The winners of the Forte Award for 2020 were, by category, Emerging Business: DPC HealthcareManufacturing/Distribution: All American Tire Recyclers, and Professional Services: Electro Acoustics.

The ultimate winner represented by the Forte Awards 2020 is the city of Fort Worth and everyone who participates in its growing thrum. It is positively growing and not by accident. The awards last night carry a message beyond determination of who the best is. The recognition of these businesses sets the bar of business execution, ethics and community contribution of every business in the area. 

Recognition of outstanding businesses by the Chamber of Commerce in this way demonstrates a daily activity of motivated people that believe, rely and trust in the community they serve. Building this community through such positive messaging is not done in one night, but day by day, by dedicated people, focused on healthy growth. The Fort Worth Chambers’ staff, ambassadors and volunteers are so supportive to members, they are a concierge of success and hands-on sculptor of Fort Worth’s economic health and attractiveness to the city. The winners, runners up and chamber are actively and consciously creating a warm, inclusive environment between government and businesses that sets standards resulting in a cohesive, integral community. Last night’s winners represent the output of such intention.

The recipients of last night’s awards carry the honor of setting the new bar in excellence that Fort Worth’s enterprise meets and desire to earn such recognition next year assures strengthening in our municipal integrity, led by the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce. Congratulates the Forte Awards 2020 winners, those in the running and Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce. Thank all of you for making Fort Worth a great place to work and live.