The recently implemented Illinois cannabis market is about to get very hot. A new study predicts the legal cannabis industry will employ more than 63,000 people by 2025, which is equal to the amount of elementary school teachers in the Land of Lincoln. The report also says if federal legalization occurs, cannabis jobs would increase nationwide to 745,000.The numbers are huge in Illinois as currently only 5,800 people claim they are employed by the cannabis industry, so a massive amount of jobs are about to open up, which means a lot for the industry and stocks related to these companies.With recreational legalization taking effect on Jan. 1, the total number of pot jobs in Illinois is expected to more than double each of the next two years and reach 29,407 by 2021. The estimates continue trending upward until 2025, when 63,406 people in Illinois are expected to hold cannabis-related jobs.New Frontier Data, an independent researcher, did not even calculate ancillary jobs for cannabis employees into their final tally like security services, lawyers and real estate services.John Kagia, New Frontier’s executive vice president, said the bulk of the predicted jobs will likely be in either cultivation or retail.“Those tend to be highly labor intensive in both regards,” Kagia said, stressing the “distinctions between the types of roles that you would see in each of those ecosystems.”The total number of nationwide cannabis jobs is expected to climb from 340,344 this year to 743,196 in 2025, when Illinois’ jobs totals should trail only three states, the report states. By then, 123,567 people will be employed in the nation’s largest state cannabis industry in California, and Florida and Washington will respectively have 85,626 and 67,343 weed workers.