In an age of waning human rights and a seeming lack of humanitarian concern across the globe, it is refreshing to see dedicated leaders put human rights above all else. As if leading a public company were not enough Dr. Julio C. Riestra, CEO of Atlas Nanotech, spends much of his time advancing human rights as a peace ambassador. 

Peace Ambassadors are individuals whose lives exemplify the ideal of living for the benefit of others and are dedicated to the promotion of universal moral values, strong family life, interfaith cooperation, international harmony and guiding others into a global culture of peace. 

Transcending racial, social, national and religious barriers, Peace Ambassadors contribute to the realization of the hope of all: a unified world of peace. Dr. Julio C. Riestra, CEO of Atlas Nanotech was given the title of Peace Ambassador by the International Commission of the Human Rights in Mexico City on Saturday, December 21 at the embassy. 

Dr. Riestra was given the distinction because of his transcending actions in medicine and social efforts to overcome barriers, build peace, and aid in all disciplines of human endeavor. This distinction was only given to five individuals in Mexico in 2019, three doctors and scientists, one activist and one judge.

We applaud Dr. Julio in his award, but more importantly the effort put forth to furthur peace among men and women in these difficult and confusing times, gives us all hope. We need more Dr. Riestra’s in the world, and extend a hearty congratulations for this award of Peace Ambassador awarded by the International Commission of Human Rights in Mexico City.